I don't get it. If the Republicans don't trust Attorney General Janet Reno, why do they insist on her being the one to choose a special prosecutor?

Way back at the beginning of the Whitewater investigation, they wanted her to choose the special prosecutor for that case. She suggested that they might be more satisfied with a choice they picked themselves. But they insisted. So when her choice did not indict Pres. Clinton, they chose another prosecutor anyway.The investigation has gone on and on. If Reno chose a special prosecutor for this new case, would the same thing happen all over again?

The reason the public is not taking the investigation seriously is the Republicans are making it look like a transparent case of politics. They want the president impeached, but when Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich commits a similar offense, he is re-elected.

He did the right thing, paying the fine out of his own, not the taxpayers' pocket. He took out a loan from a friend on easy terms - perfectly logical. But what steams me is that he pats himself on the back for being such an honorable man, when all he is doing is paying a fine for having committed a dishonorable act, and his Republican colleagues hail him as a knight in shining armor.

I marvel at Republican values. Gingrich does what is expected of him and he's a hero. Sen. Orrin Hatch does something really good, extending health care to poor children, and he's called a (gasp) liberal.

I think we have a clue here. The Republicans want Clinton indicted, not because he broke any laws, but because he's a - excuse me - "liberal." Newt, on the other hand, can get away with murder, and he's still all right, because he's a "conservative."

It would be cheaper and more impartial if the choice of whether or who to have as special prosecutor should be delegated by law to the Supreme Court, and that big-spending Senate investigations, by politicians who don't know what they are doing, be excluded. I also suggest that the Republicans either fish or cut bait.

Leon Johnson

Salt Lake City