Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Heather and Duane, Midvale, boy, April 21.CARLSON, Heather and Jerry, Salt lake City, girl, April 21.

DAVIDSON, Carrie and Jared, Sandy, boy, April 23.

DAVIS, Sherie and Kerry, Riverton, boy, April 24.

DILLINGHAM, Edye and Timothy, Sandy, boy, April 21.

HERD, Lani and Steve, Sandy, girl, April 22.

HUMBLE, Melissa, Sandy, girl, April 21.

LAURITZEN, Sherry and Rod, Bennion, girl, April 22.

MOYER, Donette and Robert, Sandy, girl, April 21.

NORD, Sara, Sandy, girl, April 23.

POWELL, Renee and Daniel, Sandy, boy, April 21.

PULLIN, Angela and Steven, Sandy, girl, April 22.

ROBINSON, Danette and Adam, West Jordan, boy, April 21.

ROSE, Aimie and Chad, South Jordan, boy, April 22.

SNYDER, Robyn and William, Sandy, girl, April 23.

SUNDQUIST, Mariem, Park City, girl, april 20.

SUTHERLAND, Catherine and Kory, Clearfield, girl, April 24.

THOMASON, Sheila and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, April 22.

WILKES, Amber, Midvale, girl, april 23.

WINGER, Lucia and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, April 24.

YACOVETTA, Mary and Fiore, Riverton, boy, April 23.

LDS Hospital-

BOWLER, Jennifer and Brian, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

BREMER, Aaron and Sharlene, Kaysville, girl, april 24.

BUTLER, Stephanie and Cody, girl, Salt Lake City, april 27.

GOODSELL, MaryAnn and Daniel, Kaysville, girl, April 27.

HAGEN, Setareh and David, Salt Lake City, girl, april 26.

HANCOCK, Jorgina and Don, Bountiful, boy, April 26.

HIGHTOWER, Christina and Peter, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

LUNDGREN, Julie and John, Sandy, boy, April 27.

OLSON, Rebecca and Mark, Sandy, boy, April 26.

POLSTER, Vicky and Dennis, Layton, girl, April 27.

WALTTS, Tanja and Larry, Bountiful, boy, April 26.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ARRIOLA, Blanca and Byron, Ogden, girl, April 23.

BLACKETT, Tammy and GUMBS, Hazel, Ogden, girl, April 24.

BOWDEN, Elizabeth and Paul, West Point, girl, April 21.

BUTLER, Melissa and Mathew, Hooper, girl, April 20.

CALTON, Alison and Thomas, Ogden, boy, April 23.

CARVER, Stephanie and Corbett, Kaysville, boy, April 24.

CHILES, Michelle and Gregory, Roy, girl, April 21.

ELM, Melanie and David, Ogden, boy, April 23.

HENLEY, Cheryl and Michael, Pleasent View, boy, April 22.

JOYNER, Chere and Myron, Ogden, girl, April 19.

MIKESELL, Tristen and Jason, West Haven, girl, april 21.

RIVES, Michelle and Michael, S. Ogden, boy, April 19.

THOMAS, Christine and Thomas, Kaysville, boy, April 21.

TUELLER, Edith and Michael, Ogden, girl, April 22.

VanDERZEE, Michele and Dirk, Pleasant View, girl, April 20.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

JIMENEZ, Lonnie and Reagan, Taylorsville, boy, April 23.

HARPSTER, Bethany and CALL, Aaron, West Valley city, girl, April 24.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BOWERS, Dina and Douglas, Woods Cross, boy, April 26.

EVANS, Kristina and Michael, Holladay, girl, April 23.

RASMUSON, Stacey and Michael, Park City, boy, April 26.

SHINSEL, Tiffini and Glade, South Jordan, boy, April 26.

WALKER, Robin and Richard, Sandy, boy, April 26.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

GOMEZ, Anilu and Sergio, Midvale, boy, April 22.

OLSEN, Pamela and Tracy, Tooela, boy, April 25.

RAMIREZ, Tarrie and Adiran, West Valley City, girl, april 24.

SAVAS, Tracee and Jim, Sandy, girl, April 25.

VELARDE, Jacqueline and Joseph, Salt lake City, boy, April 25.