A judge has recommended that a 24-year-old mother of four serve every minute of a 15-year prison sentence for the "road rage" traffic death of another woman.

Despite defense arguments that Sharane Kearney could not avoid the accident, 3rd District Judge Pat Brian ruled her actions were vicious and that the May 26, 1996, death of Joann Collett was no accident."This was reprehensible, inexcusable, repugnant," Brian said.

Kearney and Collett, 50, were stopped at a red light at a Salt Lake County intersection when Kearney inexplicably backed into Collett's vehicle. Kearney later said she ingested methamphetamine just before the accident.

The two drivers pulled into a nearby parking lot to exchange insurance information. But Kearney argued with Collett, witnesses said, then started to drive away.

When Collett stepped in front of Kearney's 1966 Lincoln Continental, Kearney gunned the accelerator, several witnesses said. She ran over Collett and drove up 3900 South, with the victim's body caught under the car. The body came loose as Kearney turned a corner.

"The flesh, blood, bone, teeth and hair left a well-defined trail that the most calloused individual would have been offended by," said the judge. "This carnage was in the view of everyone."