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Local births

Alta View Hospital-

ATACK, Kimber and Dallen, Draper, girl, April 28.

CAMPBELL, Kayleen and Kevin, Salt Lake City, boy, April 25.

CHRISTENSEN, Missy and Bryan, Sandy, girl, April 19.

CHRISTENSEN, Carol and Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

ERASMUS, Mary and Leon, Sandy, boy, April 28.

GOMEZ, Delmy and Alfonso, West Jordan, boy, April 26.

HEDDLESTEN, Carrie, and TOMASINI, Justin, Salt Lake City, girl, April 19.

HERRMANN, Leslie and Jim, Draper, boy, April 28.

HIGLEY, Collette and Craig, Kearns, boy, April 28.

KELSCH, Stacsie and Joshua, Riverton, girl, April 25.

POLZIN, Alisia and John, South Jordan, boy, April 28.

WEBB, Piper and Joseph, Lehi, boy, April 28.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

BREWSTER, Aimee and Blaine, Draper, girl, April 27.

MATTINSON, Judith and Ronald, Salt Lake City, girl, April 27.

MAZUR, Rochelle and Gregory, Sandy, girl, April 27.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

FARR, Melissa and Ryan, Riverton, girl, April 21.

KANNIAINEN, Amy, and CONNER, Bruce, West Jordan, girl, April 25.

LARSEN, Allison and Larry, West Jordan, girl, April 27.

MUHLESTEIN, Nan and Chad, Riverton, girl, April 28.

PINKSTON, Katherine and David, Lehi, boy, April 26.

LDS Hospital-

DUCKWORTH, Lorie and Tracy, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

ERICKSON, Cristian and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

FOWLKS, Jill and Brad, West Jordan, boy, April 28.

HARPER, Josephine and Tom, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

HILLER, Angela and David, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

KIBBE, Jubilee and William, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

LEAVITT, Stephanie and Richard, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

McGUIRE, Tamara and Richard, Bountiful, girl, April 28.

MONSON, Jana and Sean, Farmington, girl, April 28.

NAI, Alaimoana and Aisea, West Valley City, boy, April 28.

OBERBECK, Christina and Edwin, Salt Lake City, boy, April 28.

ORTEGA, Michelle and Martin, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

SHIRLEY, Shiree and Brian, Centerville, boy, April 28.

SHORES, Misti, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

TALANOA, Tolini and Potolaka, West Jordan, girl, April 28.

VALENTINE, Brittany, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

WOODSON, Kelly, Salt Lake City, girl, April 28.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BUCKLEY, Teresa and Mike, Roy, boy, April 26.

FERNANDEZ, Marth and Isaias, Ogden, boy, April 24.

FISHER, Tonya and Brett, Ogden, boy, April 28.

FUNK, Stacie and Daniel, Ogden, boy, April 28.

GASKILL, Wendi and James, Clearfield, girl, April 28.

GOMEZ, Nora and Alexander, Ogden, girl, April 28.

GREAVES, Julie and Paul, Layton, boy, April 26.

HALL, Jill and Douglas, Layton, boy, April 25.

HARRISON, Leslie and James, Ogden, girl, April 25.

HENRIE, Kristy and Brazure, Lyman, Wyo., girl, April 25.

HOSLEY, MarDee and Jeffrey, Ogden, girl, April 28.

JENKINS, Ruth and David, Huntsville, boy, April 27.

JOHNSON, Melanie and Brad, Ogden, girl, April 25.

KENNEDY, Jodi and Kent, Roy, girl, April 26.

MATTHEWS, Dana and Troy, Morgan, boy, April 25.

MERRITT, Shelley and Daniel, Brigham City, girl, April 26.

PETERSON, Tania and Rodney, Roy, boy, April 26.

ROBB, Laurel and Bradley, Ogden, girl, April 25.

SMITH, Linda and Robert, Roy, boy, April 24.

SPENCER, Donece and Neil, Kaysville, boy, April 27.

STEINER, Julianne and Sean, Ogden, boy, April 25.

SUSTAITI, Jonee and Jose, Ogden, boy, April 27.

THOMAS, Janice and Duane, Roy, boy, April 26.

WIXOM, Brenda and Leonard, Pleasant View, girl, April 28.

Mountain View Hospital-

BOSHARD, Pam and Steven, Provo, girl, April 25.

BREWER, Marti and Shane, Provo, boy, April 24.

CAMARGO, Lisa and Carlos, Richfield, girl, April 22.

CARTER, Michelle and Chade, Spanish Fork, girl, April 21.

CRANNY, Nicole and Michael, Springville, girl, April 23.

GIROT, Janacee and Jason, Provo, girl, April 20.

HOUGAARD, Jennette and Wynn, Provo, boy, April 23.

HOWLETT, Michelle and David, Elberta, girl, April 24.

MILIUS, Vivian and Steve, Springville, girl, April 26.

OKELBERRY, Shana and Brian, Goshen, boy, April 21.

PORTER, Kristen and Stewart, Spanish Fork, girl, April 23.

ROBERTSON, Helen and Marvin, Spanish Fork, boy, April 26.

SMITH, Bonnie and Robert, Nephi, boy, April 22.

SMITH, Marta and Adam, Orem, boy, April 26.

WAHLBERG, LeeAnn and Larry, Eureka, boy, April 24.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BOND, Sherlyn and Michael, Heber City, girl, April 23.

BOYER, Janel and Roger, Orangeville, Emery County, boy, April 21.

CAZIER, Rhonda and Tyler, Provo, girl, April 19.

DOUROS, Shantell and Ryan, American Fork, girl, April 23.

DRIGGS, Andrea and Todd, Lehi, girl, April 21.

DRISKILL, Carol and Keith, Provo, boy, April 23.

EARNSHAW, Kassidy and Dallas, Springville, girl, April 20.

EVERETT, Leah and Peter, Springville, boy, April 23.

FREDRICKSON, Wendi and Evan, Provo, boy, April 20.

FREGOSO, Dalynn and Armando, Provo, boy, April 22.

GORDON, Angela and Noah, Provo, girl, April 19.

HATCH, Jodie, and MALLINSON, Aaron, Provo, girl, April 21.

HATCH, Sherri and Mark, Lehi, girl, April 18.

HAWKINS, Kimberli and Jeffrey, Provo, girl, April 23.

HILL, Robin and Thomas, Orem, girl, April 21.

JACCARD, Karin and Cameron, Orem, boy, April 22.

JEPPSON, Mignon and Scott, Provo, girl, April 20.

KENT, Marci and Roland, Provo, boy, April 23.

MACKAY, Jeannette and Eric, Provo, boy, April 22.

MELLOR, Tara and Brad, Lake Shore, Utah County, boy, April 22.

MITCHELL, Christy and Ric, Provo, girl, April 23.

NIELSEN, Ivy and Kyle, Orem, boy, April 22.

OAKS, Kathleen and Daniel, Spanish Fork, girl, April 19.

PERRY, Gwen and Daniel, Salem, boy, April 23.

PETERSON, Marci and Craig, Springville, girl, April 23.

PITTS, Gina and Steven, Provo, boy, April 21.

QUINTANAR, Gabriela and Meconetzin, Provo, boy, April 21.

RYAN, Cladia and Michael, Provo, boy, April 20.

SMITH, Deborah and David, Payson, boy, April 23.

SMITH, Monica, and ORTIZ, Miguel, Orem, girl, April 22.

St. Peter, Karen and Joseph, Cape Cod, Mass., boy, April 23.

STONE, Emily, Provo, boy, April 21.

SWENSON, Heather and Justin, Payson, girl, April 20.

TANNER, Natalie and David, Orem, boy, April 21.

TILLETT, Julie and Romaldo, Provo, girl, April 23.

WALKER, Christine and Gary, Lindon, girl, April 18.

WALKER, Julie and Aaron, Provo, girl, April 22.

WEEKS, Julie and Ethan, Orem, girl, April 20.

WEINHELMER, Misty and Keith, Spanish Fork, girl, April 20.

WOOD, Allyson and Brett, Lindon, girl, April 21.