A man who left two bombs behind at his employer's business after he was fired has been sen-tenced to 60 days in jail.

Robert Paul Marr, 21, originally was charged with two counts of possession of an explosive device, a second-degree felony, after a pipe bomb and a plastic bag filled with explosives were found at a Salt Lake County furniture-installation business Feb. 26. Marr pleaded guilty to one third-degree felony.The owner found the bombs after Marr returned about a week after being fired.

Marr, who had been living at the business, said he had stored the bombs above a restroom and had returned to retrieve them, said defense attorney Kristine Rogers.

Marr told police he made the bombs to explode in the desert.

Third District Judge Philip Palmer also ordered Marr to undergo a mental-health evaluation and alcohol-abuse treatment during three years probation.