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The winners and the losers

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* Winners: Let's hear it for Wasatch Energy Systems, the new, vocal-chord- friendly name for the district that handles a variety of waste and energy needs for 15 cities in Morgan and Davis counties. For some reason, the old name (the Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery Special District) didn't roll off the tongue very easily. And, as administrators will vouch, it was a mess to try to fit on a business card.

Loser: The man who decided to rob a Sinclair Service Station near downtown Salt Lake City this week obviously had trouble distinguishing between right and wrong. Now the concept has been beaten into him.While on his way out the door with $75, he was taught a lesson by station manager Lee Brewer, who hit him in the head a few times with a hammer and detained him for police. The suspect will be OK, but maybe he has a little better appreciation now for the fact most people don't like to threatened and robbed, something to ponder while he serves his sentence.

* Winner: The Utah Grizzlies hockey team pulled off one of the best April Fools jokes of the season Tuesday night at the Delta Center. During the third period, the team began flashing scores on the Jumbo Tron of a game between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls in the windy city. With each new score, the reaction from hockey fans became more intense. Finally, when the announcement came that the Jazz had won in overtime and that Michael Jordan had broken his ankle, many in the crowd cheered wildly.

The Jazz, of course, already have played their two games against Chicago and were enjoying a night off Tuesday.