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Non-curricular clubs vital

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This letter is in response to Jennifer Toomer's March 5 article, "Granite Board is urged not to do away with all non-curricular clubs." I believe that non-curricular activities play an important role in students' lives and need to remain a part of the school systems.

One reason non-curricular activities are important is that they can encourage kids to take action against societal ills. For example, a club against drunken driving provides group support for remaining alcohol-free and promotes public awareness of the dangers of drinking and drivingAnother reason non-curricular activities are important is that they provide enriching experiences. I am a member of the water polo team at Skyline High School. Water polo requires the participants to think before they act, keep their eyes constantly on the ball and work together as a team in order to make goals. Besides learning a lot from this team sport and developing myself physically, I find playing water polo is fun.

The importance of non-curricular activities also lies in the fact that their supervised atmosphere provides a safe place for students to learn outside of the regular classroom. Also, as Ms. Toomer's article said, non-curricular activities can lead students into academic pursuits as well as providing high school students with backgrounds attractive to college recruiters.

Regardless of whether or not I personally support gay clubs, I advocate keeping non-curricular activities in the school system because of the great benefit they are to students.

Marissa Mueller

Skyline High School

Salt Lake City