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Kaysville officials hail boom in new businesses

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New businesses are booming in Kaysville.

City officials met recently to discuss the new building projects and separate the business rumors from reality.A bakery is already occupying the kitchen facilities of the old Bowman's Store, and a Ben Franklin's Craft Store has submitted plans to occupy another part of the building.

The nearby Arctic Circle has added a new playland facility onto the front of its restaurant, and that improvement should be finished by the end of the month.

The city's commercial area goes north to Mutton Hollow Road on Main Street, where a new strip mall has been constructed. A shelter will be built by the Family Resource Center in the same area.

The combined new Chevron Service Station and McDonald's restaurant is now under construction on 200 North, just east of I-15. It could be open as early as Memorial Day.

Just south of the post office on Main Street, a combined Taco Maker and Jake's Over the Top is now under construction.

The Sanders Glass Company has moved east and now occupies the former Ralph's Building Supply Center. Sanders' former building is being used by Taylor Auto Company.

Jensen RV is building a much larger facility at the north end of the city's business park, located west of I-15. Young Chevrolet is purchasing the former Jensen RV site.

An office center is planned for a site south of the new Bowman's store, and Phillips 66 wants to construct a new store/service station across the street from its current 200 North location.

Two other major companies have purchased ground in the city but don't have immediate building plans. Intermountain Health Care has bought land near 200 North, and First National Bank has property in the same area.

Many other business rumors abound, including a proposed Burger King restaurant and a Flying J restaurant/motel. However, the city has received no site plans for these businesses.