Brianna, 6, born Feb. 3, 1991, is enjoying school this year in a special education kindergarten class. She takes medication for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and needs a very highly structured and predictable environment.

The effects of chronic neglect and abuse have left their mark on Brianna. She has significant attachment difficulties, though she has made progress with the help of therapy and medication and can now be affectionate with adults. She has a tendency to be aggressive with peers, particularly when there isn't a grown-up around. Brianna can be defiant and has used toileting issues to get attention and make people angry.Overall, Brianna's social skills, general behavior and ability to trust are improving. With continued therapy, structure and supervision, her chances of developing into a healthy little girl are good.

A family who can meet the challenges of Brianna's emotional and behavioral problems is needed. She'll need to stay in touch with her brothers and sisters, who are being placed separately.

Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.