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Accountability is needed

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Recently an article was published locally that originated in the Seattle Times. This was a "scientific" finding by a consortium called the Harborview Injury Prevention Center (fortified by Johns-Hopkins) stating that if there is a gun in the home, there is a 2.7 times likelihood that you can be harmed by a gun. Is this news? The anti-gun crowd has tried for 20 years to foist a similar statistic upon an unwary public. What an idiotic statistic; 2.7 times what?

If I never ride in an automobile, will the possibility of my not being injured by an automobile be reduced by 2.7 times? If I never operate farm equipment, are my chances of not being harmed on the farm lessened? If I never look a gang member in the eyes will I never get beat to a pulp with a tire iron? If I never go outside will I never get do-do-ed by a bird? What an idiotic statistic.Any action by a person should come with some personal accountability. Any tool used illegally, is, in fact, illegal. So what is the point, Harborview? There is a rather simple way to help with some of the "problem," but is fought tooth-and-nail by the anti-gunners, for kids as well as adults, it is "education and training." So why do the antis fight it? Because when people learn about guns, they realize the use for a gun. They might even become interested. And this is not part of the agenda.

Derrill Foster

West Bountiful