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Take mom on dream trip - without ever leaving home

SHARE Take mom on dream trip - without ever leaving home

If Mom has always wanted to go to an exotic, faraway place, capitalize on your kids' imagination and assist them in treating Mom to a dream vacation right at home.

Whatever the destination, start with a special send-off.Make a "passport" for Mom with her photo inside. Next, create a skit in which every family member role-plays being pilots or flight attendants on the trip. Serve Mom sparkling juice, in First Class, of course.

Here are some themed locations for when she disembarks.

- A trip to the Caribbean: In a sunny room in your home, set out a beach chair for Mom with towels, sandals and suntan lotion. Blow up colorful beach balls and hang them from the ceiling. Scatter shells on the floor. Serve her a salad in a seashell and play tapes of waves crashing, steel drums or Beach Boy tunes. Fan her, polish her toenails and serve her fruit slushes for a snack. For a present, give her sunglasses, a beach towel, a novel or a canvas tote.

- A trip to Paris: Set the scene with a mural of the Eiffel Tower. Draw it on butcher paper and hang it on the wall. Hunt through the dress-up box to create a "couture collection" for a fashion show for Mom. Or, dress up and do a mini-cancan set to music on tape. Another child might dress as a French waiter, complete with beret, and let Mom order cafe au lait, croissants, French cheese, an omelet or crepes from a giant menu the kids have made. For a present, give her a scarf, perfume or promise to take Mom to an art museum and look for paintings by French artists.

- A trip to Africa: Rent a safari video or "The African Queen." Snack on peanuts in the shell and tropical fruit on skewers. For a present, give a T-shirt, stationery or a book to support efforts to protect endangered species. Or visit the zoo and look for African animals. You may be able to donate to a zoo project in Mom's name.

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