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`Mexican Kitchen’ is a cut above other 1996 cookbooks

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Rick Bayless' "Mexican Kitchen" (Scribner, $35) has been named best cookbook of the year by the International Association of Cooking Professionals last week. Frankly, the competition among 1996 books was weak, and the Chicago chef's entry was clearly ahead of the rest. It's worth adding to your cookbook library if you like authentic Mexican fare.

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- ONE GOOD VARIATION - A precise 100 years ago, legendary Parisian chef Auguste Escoffier of the Ritz Hotel created a thinly sliced piece of toast for a finicky but beloved Australian opera singer who refused to eat her pate on the usual thick slice of bread. The diva's name was Nellie Melba, and you know what food she inspired (more than 2 billion slices were sold worldwide in 1996).