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Water plan is ill-advised

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As a resident and taxpayer of Utah, I am writing to you about the proposal to build a dam on the Diamond Fork River. There are many issues that concern me about this proposal.

First and foremost is the amount of money that we as taxpayers would have to pay for the proposed dam. The current proposal would cost us $300 million to send water to Juab County, whose population is far smaller than that of Salt Lake County's.But the Diamond Fork Dam isn't even going to provide Salt Lake County with water, even though Salt Lake County's residents are paying for the majority of the dam. Which means that another dam is going to have to be built to provide the Salt Lake County residents with water.

There is an alternative to this plan that would send the water north to Salt Lake and Utah counties. This proposal would eliminate the need to build both the Diamond Fork Dam and the Bear River project and save thetax payers $300 million.

This alternative is much more effective and efficient for the residents of Salt Lake and Utah counties, so now my big question is, why does the Central Utah Water District refuse to consider this proposal?

These unnecessary dams that are being proposed not only cost a lot of money, but they will destroy the habitat for dozens of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles that take up residency in those area. These animals depend on the vegetation that grow in those areas because of the rivers, and if they are dammed, we will be responsible for the depletion of the surrounding environment and its inhabitants.

I understand that Utah is growing and that we must accommodate for this increase, but I am asking you to please consider the alternative to the Diamond Fork Dam since it will save taxpayers money and conserve Utah's beautiful environment at the same time.

Andrea Sline