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Adjani says Cannes prize went to film, not cause

SHARE Adjani says Cannes prize went to film, not cause

Isabelle Adjani, who headed this year's Cannes Film Festival jury, insists the panel awarded its top prize - the Golden Palm - to "great films, not good causes."

Many of the winning films or their directors had some link to political or social issues, but there was nothing politically correct about the decisions, Adjani told Le Monde in a story published Thursday."Simply, the majority of the most interesting filmmakers are the ones confronted with difficult situations," Adjani said. "Their creativity blows a hole in the wall and lets in the light. When the film works, you have to act."

This year's Golden Palms went to Japanese director Shohei Imamura for "Unagi" ("The Eel") and Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami for "The Taste of Cherry," both films dealing with suicide. Kiarostami had trouble getting the film to Cannes because of Iranian censors.

Jurors included American novelist Paul Auster, Chinese actress Gong Li, American director Tim Burton, British director Mike Leigh and Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje.