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Avoid the boo-boo blues

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Boo-boos and owies can happen anytime kids are outdoors, whether they are riding bikes, jumping rope, roller skating or just playing games.

To help put an end to these boo-boo blues, Curad offers some tips for kids and parents:


At the playground: Carry a mini-first aid kit so if you fall and scrape your knee you can use an antiseptic wipe to clean the scrape and then cover it with a bandage.

At the park: If you get bopped or bumped, get some ice or a cold pack to put on the bump to prevent swelling. Pinching the nose for four to five minutes or putting an ice pack on the nose will help stop a nosebleed.

Riding a bicycle: Always wear a helmet; ride single file in the same direction as the traffic; obey all traffic signs and signals; walk your bike across busy intersections, using crosswalks if possible.

Bee stings: Stings from bees and wasps can be painful. Tell a grownup right away. If the stinger can be seen, it can be scraped out with the edge of a credit card. Then wash with soap and apply a cold pack to reduce swelling.

Roller skating: Always wear a helmet and kneepads.

Anytime: Always let a parent or other grownup know you hurt yourself, just in case complications develop.


- Create a special first aid place in your home where you keep bandages accessible to children. But antiseptic cleansers like hydrogen peroxide should be kept out of a child's reach and used only in the presence of an adult.

- Remain calm and cheerful about the injury, even if you are worried. Reassure the child that the wound will be taken care of and that he/she will be OK.

- When in doubt about the severity of the wound or the course of treatment, always consult a doctor. Especially if:

- dirt does not easily wash out of a cut or scrape;

- bleeding does not stop, or if the child continues to complain of pain or discomfort;

- any break in the skin appears to be more than just a simple cut or scrape;

- when a cut is on a joint.

- Explain to the child what you are going to do. Gently warn the child if the medicine might sting or if there might be additional pain.

- Wash the wound with soap and warm water. Make sure to clean out all dirt to prevent infection. If it is bleeding, apply gentle pressure to the source of bleeding to stop it. Wipe the wound with an antiseptic cleanser and cover with a bandage that fits the wound.

- Keep over-the-counter antihistamine handy in case your child is allergic to insect bites. Always consult a doctor if allergic symptoms develop: swelling, redness, hives, itching, nausea, dizziness.

- To preserve a tooth that has been knocked out, an adult should put the tooth in either a cup of salt water or milk and get to the dentist as soon as possible.

- If your child has bumped his/her head and has any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention for a possible concussion: persistent and severe headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, tunnel vision and/or loss of equilibrium.