Bond elections for $100 million on the Wasatch Front and a $12 million bond in Washington County were passed for schools. Taxes on a $100,000 home in St. George will go up $21 per year. The Washington School District projects that tax revenues will be 40 percent short of what will be needed over the next decade. Place much of the blame for the economic plight of education squarely at the feed of the education community.

Education has done nothing to protect the economic values on public and school trust lands. In fact, many educators are in the forefront of championing the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance propaganda that is responsible for the demise of timber and oil industries in the state and the locking up of some 64 billion tons of coal in the coal fields of southern Utah. Public revenue from these strangled industries would vastly exceed the meager returns from seasonal tourism that we are expected to be content with.If the education establishment really needs more money, it should help the state earn it, and this does not just mean educating youths. It means educating youths about what it takes to have viable economies, what it takes to fund education and about where that money really comes from. It means educating youths about the difference between economic freedom and government oppression and special-interest politics.

Education should be in the forefront protesting the "Monument to Lies and Arrogance" in southern Utah. It should be in the forefront championing projects like the Andalex coal and Conoco oil development projects. Education will have the moral authority to ask for more money when it starts speaking up for the people's need to earn it in the first place.

Paul L. Young

St. George