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Four in family graduate from Y.

SHARE Four in family graduate from Y.

Norman and Sharon Larson traveled from Blue Springs, Mo., for BYU graduation April 24-25 to celebrate with not just one child - but four.

The Larsons' oldest children all graduated from BYU: Trent, 28, with a master's in computer science; Brian, 25, with a bachelor's in mathematics; Derek, 23, with a bachelor's in psychology; and Janell Vasquez, 21, with a bachelor's in history.Sister Larson said she has always hoped that all of her eight children would graduate from college. She never expected, however, that the four oldest would graduate at the same time from the same school.

"I guess you could say it was just luck," she said. The four graduates didn't mind sharing the day. Graduating with their siblings made the accomplishment more special, they said.

They also recognize that the occasion was exciting - maybe four times as exciting - for their mother. "She is as giddy as can be," Brian said.

Brother and Sister Larson said many of their friends are amazed that four of their children graduated at the same time.

Brother Larson said: "People keep asking if this is a record, and I say, `I am sure it is not at BYU.' "