It's amazing some of the letters I read in this column. Take Sunday's "Marveling at GOP values." It was loaded with plenty of the typical Democrat/liberal hooey.

First, Mr. Johnson answers his own first question. The Republicans don't trust Reno (with obvious good reason); that's why they want an independent prosecutor. How long do we need to investigate before we know that certain people in the White House break the law?Whitewater - how many people have been tried and convicted for matters relating to this so-called "purely political" investigation. And just who do you think benefited from these illegal activities?

And another thing: This Newt-bashing by the liberal Democrats is ridiculous. Newt hasn't done anything even half as bad as Clinton and his White House gang.

What taxpayer funds does Newt have access to - to pay the ludicrous, unprecedented assessment? How about David Bonior and his Capitol Hill gang being assessed $300,000 for each false charge filed against Newt? There are 73 of those. After all, fair is fair.

Hatch's health care for children is liberal and socialist. We rejected socialized health care with the Hillary plan.

Excuse me, Republicans want Clinton impeached precisely because he has and does break the law (an impeachable offense), not because he is liberal (not impeachable).

Garth Woolsey

West Bountiful