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`Anthology’ helped ex-Beatles come together

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Opening the Beatles' music vaults for the "Anthology" albums helped the surviving band members patch up old grievances, Ringo Starr says.

"I thought it was great therapy for the three of us," Starr, 56, said of himself, George Harrison and Paul McCartney. "We went over things that we thought were really big at the time, and they aren't that big at all. Those little arguments that form up in your mind."He said listening to their old songs for the "Anthology" series, released over the past 1 1/2 years, reminded him how close they were before the band's breakup and John Lennon's death.

"We tend to forget that," he told the Orange County Register. "We did live in a box and saved each other's lives."

Starr hadn't listened to some Beatles albums in years and hadn't heard any of the outtakes or alternate songs since the Beatles recorded them. Some are on the "Anthology" albums.

"Actually, there was some bloody good stuff going on there," said Starr, who is touring with the "All-Starr" band that includes Peter Frampton and Dave Mason.