Imelda Marcos, who amassed a legendary shoe collection as she and her husband allegedly looted the treasury, claims debts that make her Congress' poorest lawmaker.

Financial disclosures from the 216 members of the House of Representatives showed Wednesday that the widow of former President Ferdinand Marcos is more than $1.1 million in debt.The government has accused the couple of stealing billions of dollars during his 20-year rule, but little of the alleged ill-gotten wealth has been recovered.

Imelda Marcos, 65, was elected to Congress in 1995 from her home district in Leyte province.

According to the government-released list, her declared assets totaled $2.7 million while her liabilities were $3.8 million - a net debt higher than that of any other lawmaker.

During her husband's years in power, Imelda Marcos gained notoriety for shopping trips to the world's swankiest boutiques, glitzy parties and lavish beautification projects.

Marcos was ousted in a popular revolt in 1986 and forced into exile in Hawaii, where he died in 1989.

She was convicted of corruption in 1993 and sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison but remains free on bail, pending an appeal.