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Kasparov admits he’s been shaken by deeper Deep Blue

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Although he predicts victory over IBM's Deep Blue, world chess champion Garry Kasparov said his computer opponent is much tougher than the last time they faced each other.

"I definitely understand, better than anybody else, the difference between Deep Blue and any other computer," Kasparov said Tuesday after playing to a draw in the third of a six-game match."I didn't play well, but the computer was a computer and eventually it knew enough not to lose the game," he said.

Kasparov won the first game and Deep Blue the second. The draw leaves them tied at 1 1/2 games apiece. Game 4 was scheduled for later Wednesday.

Kasparov predicted as he has before that he would prevail, but said he was shaken by the new version of the IBM supercomputer, which can analyze 200 million positions per second - twice as many as when the two faced each other in 1996. Kasparov won that contest 4-2.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his Sunday loss to the computer, Kasparov said he believes Deep Blue showed signs of artificial intelligence in its Game 2 win.

"I still believe (Sunday's) game will be studied by all computer specialists because I think something truly unbelievable happened," Kasparov said.

IBM scientist C.J. Tan surmised that Deep Blue was only calculating, Kasparov said.

On Sunday, however, "it showed a sign of intelligence," he said.

"I don't know how it happened. I think that this machine understands it's time to think," he said. "Game 2 shook my belief in what Deep Blue could do."