This letter is regarding an incident that occurred in May at about 6:15 on 1-80 just before the 700 East exit. My mother was on her way to a family event when her car broke down. Being rush hour, and also without her cell phone, she was very apprehensive about her situation. Being a woman of faith, she said a little prayer.

As she looked up, two young men were at her car, asking if they could help. She explained her situation, and the young men first checked to see if they could fix the car. Soon after this another man pulled behind and offered the use of his cell phone. Mom gratefully called the family members that were expecting her. As her car could not be fixed at this time, the previously mentioned young men towed her car to a repair shop.Thank you to those people who assisted my dear mother. After relating this story, Mom added that the young men were just so nice and that her faith in young people had been restored. I might add that I would like to hear more about the good things that our youth are doing instead of dwelling on the negative things that are done by a small percentage of our youth.

Michelle Jarman