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`Dellaventura' is impossible to take seriously

Let's get right to the point . . .

Love Danny Aiello.Hate "Dellaventura."

Is that simple enough?

Aiello stars as Anthony Dellaventura, a veteran police detective who quits the force and opens his own detective agency. Well, he's not just a detective, he's also sort of a goon-for-hire, handling cases the police "can't or won't" deal with themselves.

In other words, he's not obliged to stay within the law when he's handling his cases. Which means, essentially, that "Dellaventura" (9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2) is glorifying vigilantism.

Apparently, he's also unconcerned that "Dellaventura" is essentially a rip-off of the 1985-89 series "The Equalizer" - which, of course, it is.

It's hard to take it terribly seriously, however - "Dellaventura" is just too ludicrous for that. Aiello is trapped in a one-note role as a tough guy, surrounded by completely forgettable co-stars who fill one-dimensional roles - the muscle-head, the gorgeous gal, etc.

And there's absolutely no suspense to the show. You know from the beginning that Dellavantura will triumph in the end.

All of which leaves us with an unanswerable question - this is the show that Aiello chose to make his first TV series?

Aiello - an Oscar and Emmy nominee - is a truly fine actor, both on TV ("The Last Godfather") and in his many movie roles. But he needs better career advice.