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Montana militia making life hard for `Patriot' star

Steven Seagal is having run-ins with the Montana militia in his new movie, and filming hasn't even started.

Seagal is scheduled to begin rehearsals for "The Patriot" this week. But the film crew has called the FBI because of anonymous threats from callers identifying themselves as militia members."The Patriot" is about a doctor-rancher, played by Seagal, who tries to save Ennis, Mont., from a deadly biochemical toxin. In the story, a renegade government lab worker steals the toxin, which somehow falls into the hands of the militia, killing militia members and towns-people.

Early media reports incorrectly said the script has the militia stealing the toxin.

A member of a militia-affiliated group in Bozeman denied that anyone in her organization would threaten the filmmaking. "Anyone can say they belong to the militia and make a threat," said Kamala Webb, member of Citizens for a Free America. "The best militia is unorganized."