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Fishing spot of the week: Currant Creek

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Directions: Travel about 30 miles east of Heber on U.S. Highway 40, past Strawberry, then travel 13 miles north over improved road to reservoir.

Description: 273 surface acres of water in a mountain setting. Some aspens and pines around shoreline. Road is kept open to dam year-round. All access to the reservoir in the winter is from the dam area.Fish: Cutthroat, Rainbow

What Works: Good place to try small plastic jigs and/or ice flies tipped with wax worm. Try some type of cheese bait on a treble hook, along with other traditional baits like night crawlers and salmon eggs.

Details: Most of the fish are caught in water between 5 and 35 feet. If no bites, then move around until you get some action. Best fishing along shorelines. Also walk across the ice to area along campground. About 1/4-mile north of the dam is a small bay that also offers some good fishing.

Notes: Like most winter spots, fishing in the middle of the day, when temperatures warm up a little, is a good time to fish. Currant Creek flows from the dam and also produces some good fishing. A good choice of flies here would be small nymphs such as Hare's Ear, Chamois Caddis or Prince.

...Or try

Pineview Reservoir

Perch fishing has been good. Some of the best success was fishing in about 20 feet of water. A lot of perch in the 7- to 8-inch range, but several going up to 11 inches. Ice flies, tipped with either wax worm or piece of perch meat, has worked well.