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There are no quick fixes to losing weight and becoming healthier, according to Greg Isaacs. Isaacs is a fitness guru at the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles (specializing in overweight silly wabbits).Here are five New Year's resolutions from Isaacs and the American Cancer Society that should be easy to stick to:

1. Drink more juice.

What you drink is every bit as important as what you eat. Orange juice, for instance, replenishes your body with vitamin C, potassium and folic acid.

2. Eat healthier, smaller and more frequent meals.

Rather than eat all your calories in two or three huge meals, eat three small meals with snacks between for a steady supply of energy.

3. Take time to eat breakfast.

When you wake up, your energy is low and you need to increase your blood sugar.

4. Squeeze some physical activity into your day.

Even 20 minutes can give you good benefits. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make a pact to exercise with a friend.

5. Stretch before and after you exercise.

Don't brush off this important part of exercise. It's also a great way to uwind after a hard day's work.


Jane and Michael Stern, professional food-seekers, find many unusual errors on regional menus when traveling in search of great eats.

Sample these blue plate specials:

- "Crisp lettuce and feta cheese served in a wooden bowel."

- "Hungarian Ghoulash"

- "Lungwine" (linguine)

- "Spaghetti with clamps"

- "Muu shu pork with four creeps."

- "Escargot de snail"


There's a new non-drug that enables consumers to eat their favorite acidic foods without the heartbreak of heartburn.

It's Prelief, a dietary supplement that works instantly to prevent food acid intolerance. Sprinkle one or two packets on the food that usually causes discomfort. Or, take it in tablet form at the beginning of an acidic meal.

The inventor is on a roll . . . he's gone on beyond his earlier creations: Beano and Lactaid.

He's movin' on up!

Consumers can get free samples of Prelief by calling (800) 994-4711.


To me, an airplane is a great place to diet.

-- Wolfgang Puck