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Please, no White House deposition

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Barring an 11th-hour settlement, the Paula Jones sexual harassment case looks like it will go to deposition and then to trial.

Jones, who said at the outset she was not in this suit for the money, reportedly has now upped the $700,000 in damages she was seeking from President Clinton to $2 million and perhaps $3 million. And Jones said she wants to be present when Clinton is deposed.The initial word was that the deposition would take place in the White House. We hope not. Let the deposition take place in the offices of Clinton's attorney, Robert Bennett, or, if security is that much of a consideration, in one of the faceless, anonymous federal buildings nearby - but not in the White House.

Jones deserves her day in court and Clinton the chance to defend himself. But we see no reason for that elegant symbol of America, the home of every president since John Adams, to be dragged into this unseemly process.