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Post-ballistic Majerus details sideline incident

SHARE Post-ballistic Majerus details sideline incident

A day after he admittedly went "ballistic" and tried to go after Wyoming coach Larry Shyatt, Utah coach Rick Majerus spoke in more detail about the Saturday night incident during the second half of Utah's 75-58 victory.

"Here's exactly what happened," he said. "(Coach Shyatt) threatened to put (Derek) Washington in to hurt one of our players. That sent me ballistic, and then he threatened me. He can say whatever he wants about what happened. But you're not going to tell me you're going to punch the teeth out of my players."After Majerus had to be restrained by his fellow coaches from going after Shyatt, he was given a technical foul by official Jim Danner. Shyatt had been given a technical a few minutes earlier by official Jimmie Flores when he complained after he felt Utah pushed off on a rebound and wasn't called.

It was a physical game between two of the top defensive teams in the country. According to Majerus, Shyatt felt the Utes were taking cheap shots on Cowboy players.

"You look at who was cheap-shotting who. We've got the tapes, and tapes don't lie. (Wyoming's Ugo) Udezue gave (Alex) Jensen a cheap shot in the back of the head."

Majerus believes Danner will side with him on the matter, and he wants the Western Athletic Conference to take some action if necessary.

"I hope some kind of action is taken and remedied," said Majerus.

The Utes play Wyoming again on Feb. 12 in Laramie.