Bravo and kudos for Mayor Deedee Corradini and the other city officials who recently decided to leave the stairs at the "miracle tree" in the park at 300 E. 700 South.

I am not Catholic, but I think that anything that will help anyone express positive comments and feel better about life is surely worth the effort and risk to maintain. I can't help but feel happy for all the people who have gone to the park to see the tree knot that they believe bears the image of the Virgin Mary. When they go away from such an experience feeling inspired and good about life, it can't help but have a good influence upon the community and upon people everywhere who believe in powers that can stimulate positive thinking and actions.The city would not only do well to keep the stairs in good repair and free of snow and ice, but it would probably make some good politically-correct decisions to bus people to see the image if it would strengthen their positive feeling and concerns for others.

I have been taught that God will give people anything they desire, whether they desire good or evil, life or death, joy or remorse of conscience. It's one of the best ways he has to teach us true values. If the residuals or repercussions of our desire help us to be kinder and more patient to family members and more attentive to the needs of our fellow men, then they can possible do a better job of helping many of us to become better Christians than religious teachers and possibly even teach us these things better than angels.

I personally believe we should all be grateful in our fair city of Salt Lake that there has been this means provided to help some people find peace and comfort. However, we should probably all feel a little embarrassed to realize that a knot on a tree trunk appears to have done a better job at inspiring people to feel good towards God and life than our own personal concern for their welfare.

Scott L. Beesley

Salt Lake City