Filmmaker and lecturer Sherilyn Mentes has traveled throughout the Republic of South Africa during the past 15 years, interviewing people about contemporary life in that country and making documentaries based on those interviews.

The University Travel Club presents a special screening of her newest film, "South Africa," on Wednesday, Jan. 7.According to Mentes, a glance at South African and early American histories reveals many similarities.

"Europeans seeking religious and political freedom settled both countries," she said. "(The two countries also) had their pioneer heroes who loaded their families into covered wagons and built their homes in the wilderness."

Mentes has produced travelogue and short films in 10 countries. She has researched, written, directed and edited 13 feature-length films for the illustrated lecture field and presents more than 100 lectures each year based on her travels.

University Club Travel films are usually shown in Kingsbury Hall, but due to the extended run of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in that venue, this one-night-only screening will instead be held at Highland Park Elementary, 1738 E. 2700 South, as will the next two University Travel Club programs.

General admission tickets are $6 and are available at the Kingsbury Hall Ticket Office. There will be free parking that night on the Highland Park Elementary campus.