For the fun and games department, nothing beats the zany and bizarre world of radio. Here are some much-deserved awards - both good and bad - for Utah DJs and stations during 1997:

All over the dial DJ awards - Mark Van Wagoner and Danny Kramer of KDYL, who also did almost simultaneous announcing on sister station KTKL.Best giveaway promotion - "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM, with their "Fairy Tale Wedding" at Disneyland for Valentine's Day.

Best public service effort - KBER, KZHT and KKAT DJs helping kids cross the street at dangerous Salt Lake intersections during November and December in light of recent accidents.

Best radio commercial on TV - The "Name Game" promo for "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM.

Best male newscaster - Dam Bammes of KUBL and KBEE.

Best female newscaster - Peggy Ijams of KSFI.

Best overall news reporting - KSL.

Best use of the telephone - "Kidd Cassidy," formerly on KKAT, who consistently called various numbers, both local and national, to check on hotlines and other services.

Best Prankster - Rick Shane, a member the former KKAT "Morning Posse" (and now a part of the "The Adventures of Tom, Dawn and Rick Show.") He regularly hoaxed people into believing he was everything from an airline reservations specialist to a government worker.

Best format changes - (tie) KTUR switching from Spanish to all-news and KWUN going to all-local talk.

Best continuing series - "Space Elders," by "Kerry, Bill and Gina" on KXRK.

Best field work - The former "Morning House Party" on KZHT, where DJs regularly visited morning events, sites.

Best new morning team - "Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL.

Best new morning show addition - Tom Kelly on the KKAT morning show.

Best innovation - Tom Barberi of KALL, with his "Flusher." This dramatic toilet sound is used to flush away rare callers who get out of control.

Best morning radio fan - "Cindy," who called "Fisher, Todd and Erin" of KISN-FM in May to ask them to quit being so funny between 7:30-8 a.m., so she could stop laughing enough to drive to work.

Best new call letters - KWUN for "Radio One," AM-1230.

Best radio jingle - "Cano, Bammes and Stormy," formerly on KUBL, using a Beatles song as a clever morning wakeup melody.

Best example of longevity - The "Fisher, Todd and Erin" show on KISN-FM surpassing its 11th year, the longest in Utah radio.

Best trip by DJs - "Kerry and Bill" on KXRK taking their annual European tour in October for the 10th straight year.

Best fund-raiser - The annual KSL event for Primary Children's Medical Center.

Biggest DJ milestone of 1997 - Len Allen of KLO hitting his 50-year mark.

Bluest DJ - Cory Draper of the former KRKR morning "Wrecking Crew" team, who regularly used four-letter words and numerous references to sex.

Busiest station manager - Bob Morey, who worked half the day in Orem at KSRR and then commuted to Salt Lake to manage KQMB.

Hardest-working daytime DJ/talk show host - Doug Wright on KSL, who does local talk weekdays on the midday and afternoon shifts.

Hardest-working evening DJ/talk show host - Christopher Wilde of KWUN, who does a midnight-6 a.m. talk show seven days a week!

Most entertaining morning radio shows - "Kerry, Bill and Gina" on KXRK and Jimmy Chunga on KENZ.

Most casual talking and spontaneous DJ - Jimmy Chunga on KENZ.

Most outrageous Morning Show - "Uncle Nasty" on KBER.

Most boring radio feature - "Battle of the Sexes" on the "Fisher, Todd and Erin" show on KISN-FM.

Most attention-grabbing stunt - "Fisher, Todd and Erin" of KISN-FM getting a band to play early morning music in Park City last June to wake up Chicago Bulls players. The stunt received national media coverage.

Most daring stunt - "Frankie C" of KZHT, living for 94.9 hours in a box on the street during mid-December to call attention to the homeless.

Most visible radio stunt - Jimmy Chunga of KENZ get fans to help him add a temporary "2" to the "U" sign on the mountainside above the University of Utah to call attention to an upcoming U2 concert in Rice Stadium.

Most unique non-morning DJ - "Cousin Brad," overnights on KXRK.

Most unlikely interview - "Uncle Nasty" on KBER talking at length with Donny Osmond in an Oct. 21 interview. (In December, Osmond also did a half-hour radio interview with Howard Stern, though the show does not air in Utah.)

Most significant firings - Chere Wood leaving KSL and "Kid Cassidy" getting dumped from KKAT.

Most unexpected return to radio - Amanda Dickson on KSL.

Most surprising return to a particular radio station - Jon Carter being hired by KRSP, the station where he started his Utah radio career.

Most profane farewell - Late-night DJ Jay Fenn of KBER who allegedly played a prerecorded tape, laced with vulgar and sexual language, as a farewell stunt that probably exceeded FCC standards.

News reports with the most colorful words - Roxanne on KURR with "Mick and Allen."

Quietest marriage - Dickie Shannon on KODJ tying the knot with morning co-host Angel DeVille in March.

Weirdest stunt - The KKAT morning show ("The Adventures of Tom, Rick and Dawn") broadcasting live from a hospital in October when Rick had knee surgery.