Are you a Jazz fan? Well, listen to this. I watched the Jazz game against the Blazers on Jan. 18. I have to say that there was some favoritism in that game. When the officials called a foul on John Stockton and ejected Jerry Sloan from the game, that really lit my fuse. Now, you may think that I'm overreacting, but I'm not. First of all, that was not a foul whatsoever on Stockton. And second of all, there are NBA coaches out there who overreact more than Sloan did in that game. There were more fouls committed from the Blazers that were not called. Now the NBA officials better open their eyes and wake up, or you'll be hearing from me more often. So to all the officials out there: Don't be prejudiced against another team; and make the calls fair. I'm only 13 years old, and I believe in the Jazz all the way; but, I do have a right to my opinion. So to the NBA, please consider this.

Nathan Keith HarwardProvo