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Clinton expected to keep growing at 9% annual rate

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Clinton's population has surged at an annual rate of 9 percent over the past four years, and no decrease is expected during 1998.

The city's population at the end of 1997 was about 12,040, up 66 percent in the past decade. From 1988 to 1993, the city only grew by 1 percent.Clinton city manager Dennis Cluff said the growth has been handled well, with adequate infrastructure available. Besides the usual traffic problems, about the only significant difficulty has been one homebuilder who city officials believe tried to expand too quickly.

"Yes, we've had impacts with the growth, but we've taken care of them," Cluff said.

He suspects growth in 1998 might slow down slightly, but the lower cost of land in Clinton compared with other north Davis County cities has made it attractive for homebuilders.

Cluff said the city's main infrastructure is in place to meet its estimated "build-out" population of about 33,000 by the year 2030.

He said the county estimates the city will have a maximum population of 28,000, but city officials using a different density prediction feel it will be in the low 30,000 range. That's means the city will yet almost triple in population.

How fast population grows depends mostly on land availability. There's plenty of vacant land, but much of it is held in trust. Cluff said the east side of the city is almost full, but the growth is evenly spread around the rest of Clinton. The city has a substantial amount of starter homes, but Cluff said there are some larger homes in the city, too.

The installation of secondary water in the city the past few years has been a great savings in culinary water demand and cost. New water and storm-drain lines need to still go in as new areas build, but Cluff said the main lines are there.

A new traffic signal at 2000 West and 1800 North has helped traffic problems, but Cluff said a signal is now needed at 1800 North and 1000 West. He also said any street that intersects 2000 West will eventually need traffic signals as well.

The city's police force is adequate, with several new officers hired in the past two years. Clinton also hired a full-time fire chief recently and purchased a new fire engine.

Cluff said the city is also trying to buy land for future city parks to keep up with the population.



Clinton growth


1987 7,928

1988 8,043

1989 8,142

1990 8,270

1991 8,397

1992 8,587

1993 8,865

1994 9,250

1995 9,723

1996 10,906

1997 12,040

Source: Clinton city estimates