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New stake presidencies

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A new stake has been created in Utah.

The Pleasant Grove Northfield Stake, which includes the Northfield 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th wards, has been created by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve.Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Chile and Mexico, and in Arizona, California, Georgia and Utah.

New stake

PLEASANT GROVE NORTHFIELD STAKE: (Jan. 11, 1998) Created from the Pleasant Grove Utah Grove Creek and Pleasant Grove Utah Manila stakes. President - Daniel Boyd Fugal, 49, chief executive officer for Niels Fugal Sons Co.; wife, Jill Boren Fugal. Counselors - Gary Vern Keetch, 61, assistant superintendent of Alpine School District; wife, Deanne Crandall Keetch. Mark David Ringger, 46, manager of research information for Church Educational System; wife, Jill Taylor Ringger.

Stake reorganizations

CERRITOS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Nov. 23, 1997) President - Charles Kaluhi Basso, 52, vice president of sales for ADESCO Safe Manufacturing; succeeding Jack Clarence Calder; wife, Anita Joy Hansen Basso. Counselors - John Charles Vidmar II, 52, national and export accounts manager for Airgas; wife, Marcia Lynn Homer Vidmar. Ruben Perez, 42, senior analyst for Federal Express; wife, Maria E. Trujillo Perez.

MACON GEORGIA STAKE: (Jan. 11, 1998) President - Bruce Wade Wood, 46, laboratory director for USDA-Agricultural Research Service; succeeding F. DeWayne Foskey; wife, Kathryn Ann Thomas Wood. Counselors - Sanfred Willard

Elieson Jr., 59, director of information technology for Macon State College; wife, Karen Kay Kelley Elieson. Peter Gibbs Ventura, 42, physician/otolaryngologist; wife, Isamare Alba Ventura.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH GROVE CREEK STAKE: (Jan. 11, 1998) President - David Wesley Dickerson, retained. Counselors - Darrel Westbroek Bingham, 59, Realtor for Wardley Better Homes & Gardens; wife, Donna Gaye Victor Bingham. Duane Farr Atkinson, 56, dentist; wife, Judy Ora Kirk Atkinson.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH MANILA STAKE: (Jan. 11, 1998) President - Neil J Flinders, retained. Counselors - Reed Stark Swenson, retained. Larry Dean Andrew, 48, president and owner of EPES Software; wife, Patricia Pardue Andrew.

PUEBLA MEXICO CHOLULA STAKE (FORMERLY PUEBLA MEXICO POPOCATEPETL STAKE): (Dec. 14, 1997) President - Ezequiel Sandoval S., 43, merchant; succeeding Zeniff Mejia Mora; wife, Josefa Vazquez D. de Sandoval. Counselors - Enoc Sandoval S., 48, construction worker; wife, Aurora Flores R. de Sandoval. Melvin Chichia C., 26, sales agent for elementary educational supplies; wife, Janette Mendez S. de Chichia.

SANTIAGO CHILE CONCHALI STAKE: (Dec. 7, 1997) President - Patricio Humberto Body N., 31, sales office manager for Aminfo Ltda.; succeeding Oscar Octavio Nunez Cataldo; wife, Fresia Elena Lizana S. de Body. Counselors - Marcelo Benjamin Martinez R., 32, contractor for Santiago Bank; wife, Maria Solange Lizama S. de Martinez. Jaime Regulo Gutierrez R., 32, treasurer of Amway Chile; wife, Elizabeth Catalina Diaz R. de Gutierrez.

TEMPE ARIZONA SOUTH STAKE: (Jan. 11, 1998) President - Gordon Jeffrey Hall, 45, dentist; succeeding Robert Glenn Kempton; wife, Janis Whiting Hall. Counselors - Grant Murray Snow, 38, attorney; wife, Charmaine Marie Smock Snow. Edward Robert Sitton, 39, vice president of financial construction for Merrill Lynch; wife, Kelly Lynn Jenkins Sitton.