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Judge gives drunk marching orders

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A man with 18 drunken-driving convictions has been sentenced to live within walking distance of a liquor store or bar to try to keep him from driving drunk again.

"It's my hope that he'll walk to get his beer and wine rather than drive," Judge James Hapner said on Saturday. "Whether it will work or not, I don't know."Dennis Cayse, 50, has been charged with DUI at least 24 times since 1971. He's been sent to prison twice, and Ohio has permanently revoked his driver's license.

The sentence was a product of Hapner's frustration. Hapner, who has handled several of Cayse's cases and prosecuted the man before becoming a judge, said he's run out of ideas to get Cayse to stop drinking and driving.

"He doesn't deny he's an alcoholic,' Hapner said. "He just doesn't see that as a problem."