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By making choices consistent with eternal truth you will develop righteous character . . . . (page 19) - Elder Richard G. Scott

Christlike traits

We should strive to develop within ourselves the traits of character of the Savior. (page 10) - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Church growth

People are looking for a solid anchor in a world of shifting values. (page 17) - President Gordon B. Hinckley


The understanding of doctrines is more complete as taught by the Church today than at any prior time in this dispensation. (page 23) - Elder Merrill C. Oaks


Devotion to the family and devotion to the Church are not different and separate things. (page 9) - President Boyd K. Packer


No matter where we are, no matter our circumstances, we can be faithful Latter-day Saints. (page 5) - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Following prophets

If we listen to the voice of the Lord through His living prophet and follow his counsel, we will never go astray. (page 8) - Sister Virginia U. Jensen

We not only just raise our hands in saying that we sustain, but that we will follow his direction . . . , that we're mindful of what comes from the lips of the prophet. (page 9) - Elder David B. Haight


Do we give thanks to God `for his unspeakable gift' and His rich blessings so abundantly bestowed upon us? (page 6) - President Thomas S. Monson

The depth and the willingness with which we serve is a direct reflection of our gratitude. (page 23) - Elder Gordon T. Watts


Ultimate hope constitutes the anchor of the soul. (page 19) - Elder Neal A. Maxwell


We must be prepared to keep pace with our leaders, stride for their every lengthened stride. (page 7) - Elder M. Russell Ballard

Lord's healing

The Lord is the ultimate caregiver. (page 7) - Elder Robert D. Hales

Lord's Kingdom

Dedicated workers are a necessary part of establishing the Lord's Kingdom on earth. (page 23) - Elder Earl M. Monson

Missionary work

We . . . have to open our mouths and bear testimony. (page 10) - Elder Henry B. Eyring


The nations of the world, if they follow the Lord, will continue to be a blessing to His children so long as they trust and follow Him. (page 21) - Elder L. Tom Perry


Obedience . . . allows us to reach a higher and more spiritual level in life, using our agency to do the will of the Lord. (page 11) - Elder Athos M. Amorim

Joy and peace of mind . . . can only by found by knowing and living the principles of the gospel. (page 22) - Elder Ronald T. Halverson

Positive attitude

It is often difficult to change circumstances, but a positive attitude can help lift discouragement. (page 11) - Elder Val R. Christensen

Sabbath day

Remembering to keep the Sabbath day holy is one of the most important commandments we can observe in preparing us to be recipients of the whisperings of the Spirit. (page 8) - Bishop H. David Burton

Seed of Abraham

The seed of Abraham hear His voice and will not harden their hearts. (page 11) - Elder E Ray Bateman

Sexual purity

We declare that one who uses the God-given body of another without divine sanction abuses the very soul of that individual, abuses the central purpose and processes of life. (page 22) - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland


Temples stand as a constant physical reminder of the grace and goodness of the Father. (page 20) - Elder David E. Sorensen


Who can measure the influence of simple, sacred words of testimony? (page 20) - Sister Susan L. Warner


We learn about tithing by paying it. (page 18) - President James E. Faust

True, living Church

We unabashedly state . . . that this is the true and living Church of our Father in Heaven and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. (page 21) - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Worth of soul

Spirit and body, when joined together, become a living soul of supernal worth. (page 22) - Elder Russell M. Nelson