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Tale of ex-teacher, student released as book in Europe

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Convicted rapist Mary Kay Letourneau and the 15-year-old who fathered one and possibly two of her children say their love cannot be outlawed.

A book, titled "Un Seul Crime, L'Amour" ("Only One Crime, Love"), was released last week in Europe, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Friday. The book has not been released in America."We took, I know, a road different from others, the road less traveled, but we're no longer in the Middle Ages, when they burned women, the unfaithful, the witches, who dared to love outside their marriage," Letourneau says in the book.

Each chapter is written from the perspective of Letourneau, her teenage beau, or his mother. Irish writer Bob Graham wrote the book based on interviews with the three.

Letourneau, 36, was married with four children in 1996 when she began the affair with the boy, then 13-year-old student in her sixth-grade class.

She later gave birth to the boy's child, Audrey, and she is scheduled to give birth this month to another child, also believed to have been fathered by the teen.

After pleading guilty to second-degree rape, Letourneau got a suspended sentence in January. The seven-year, five-month sentence was reinstated a month later after she and the boy were found together.