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Don’t stoop to deception

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Most people in Utah hate lies and deception in the political arena. Lately, we've seen enough of this coming out of the White House. Merrill Cook's recent fund-raising letter is a tricky-worded piece of deception that accuses Lily Eskelsen of not being pro-family and favoring homosexual marriages. It's just not so, and Merrill knows it.

Lily Eskelsen is one of the most pro-family candidates to seek public office in Utah in years. She has never advocated same-sex marriages. Lily was the 1989 Utah School Teacher of the Year and president of the Utah Education Association for six years. She is a tremendously skilled negotiator with both political parties and she secured the highest appropriation for education in the history of Utah.So please, Merrill, apologize to Lily Eskelsen and promise us that you will never stoop to this type of ugly campaigning again.

John-Michael Eggertsen