I have watched with great disappointment the way the Salt Lake County Commission has conducted its business the last four years. What an embarrassment to see our elected leaders put their own pride and personal agendas ahead of doing the County's business in a professional manner. The name calling, the airing of personal disputes in the media, and the on-going childish battles between the commission and county attorney have been an embarrassment.

To say the least it is time we elect someone who can do the job in a mature professional manner. That person is Mark Shurt-leff. I have known Mark for many years. I had the pleasure to hire Mark as an attorney in the Utah Attorney General's Office. Not only is Mark a skilled attorney but also a leader. He has the ability to work with people of all mindsets and backgrounds to reach a desired result. I watched him skillfully handle tough situations, time and again setting aside his own agenda to work for the public good.I have also had the opportunity to work closely with Mark in developing curriculum and in training law enforcement officers at the State Police Academy. He has great understanding of law enforcement and the tremendous challenges they face. It is critical to have someone like Mark on the commission because, as all of us know, crime is the number one threat to the community and the lifestyles we cherish.

It is time that Salt Lake County has a leader that will work for the good of its people, putting aside childish personal issues and disputes and provide the leadership that has been so lacking. I am very confident that Mark Shurtleff is just that person.

Kirk Torgensen