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Whimsical pumpkins are Halloween treat

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Make eye-catching pumpkins from unusual objects for your own indoor pumpkin patch. Display these whimsical pumpkins throughout the Halloween season.

Easy pumpkin made from a cotton skein

Purchase any size 100 percent mercerized cotton skein (typically used for crocheting, knitting or darning) in bright orange or gold. Set upright on the table with an opening at the top. To create a stem, find a stick from a tree branch that is 3/4 inch in diameter and 2 inches taller than the skein. Place stick through the top hole until it reaches the bottom. Glue the end of the stick to interior cardboard. Arrange Spanish moss or shredded tissue paper around the stem to cover the hole. Glue silk or cutout felt leaves to stem. Add jack-o'-lantern eyes, nose and mouth from black felt.

Pumpkin made with ribbon

Start with any size Styrofoam ball (available in craft stores), 1-inch-wide inexpensive fabric gift-wrap ribbon and a stick for a stem. For a 4-inch Styrofoam ball, you will need 10 yards of ribbon cut in 1-inch pieces.

Poke stick into ball to create a pumpkin stem.

Spread white household glue on a small area of the Styrofoam. Now place a ribbon square on the ball and, using a golf tee, gently push center of ribbon into the Styrofoam. Continue until ball is completely covered with ribbon.

Make jack-o'-lantern face using the same technique with black ribbon squares.