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Even Kevorkian is getting religion

SHARE Even Kevorkian is getting religion

Larry King's new book is "Powerful Prayers," a scholarly treatise on celebrities and religion.

Among those who revealed their prayer habits, as quoted in the Washington Post: Jack Kevorkian, who said, "When I listen to Bach's music, that's my prayer"; Delta Burke, who said she puts candles in the bathroom and "one of my favorite places to pray is in the shower"; and the Dalai Lama, who says that prayers to Buddha are prayers to a "higher being. The Buddha, the origin of Buddha, is just like ourselves."William F. Buckley's new book about his commitment to Catholicism is "Nearer, My God: An Autobiography of Faith." If anyone could prove that Christ did not rise from the grave, Buckley writes, he would "instantly enlist in the Judaic faith."

In a Jewish Bulletin story headlined, "McGwire, Sosa Hit One Over Fence for Judaism," Joseph Aaron likens baseball fans to Jews coming back into the fold. As to Roger Maris, "He is to baseball what the conservative movement is to Judaism," writes Aaron.