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Prop. 5 helps democracy

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In the recent debates over Proposition 5, many opponents of the measure have argued that if passed, the "rights" of the people of Utah will be limited. I fail to see how. You see, laws being set by a simple majority do not protect the rights of all of society. On the contrary, such a system has the ability to force the will of the majority on all. This is not freedom.

We should look to the U.S. Constitution for guidance. The process by which it may be amended is deliberately tedious, with only the most serious of issues able to be addressed through this pathway. This helps protect our rights and freedoms, not diminish them.In recent years, the constitutional process has been abused in many parts of the country. Issues that should be determined through agency policy or the legislative process have instead been placed on the ballot as citizen "initiatives." The handling of wildlife management and other issues by way of constitutional amendment diminishes the value of this document.

Proposition 5 helps protect the Utah Constitution by removing it from the toolbox of animal rights activists. These individuals can still work with the legislature and state agencies via public meetings to make their will and desires known. Democracy is not hindered, and freedom flourishes.

Some have argued that it is not right to give one issue (wildlife management) greater constitutional protection than others. They are right. It should be equally difficult for any issue to be decided by constitutional amendment. But Proposition 5 is a step in the right direction.

Drew L. Allen

West Valley City