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Writers should dig for facts

SHARE Writers should dig for facts

I would like to thank Sen. Mont Evans for his opinion piece on Sept. 23. He put into words exactly what I thought when I read the article on Riverton Elementary by Marjorie Cortez this summer.

In my opinion, Ms. Cortez's article did nothing but expose her and the Deseret News as apologists for the Jordan School District. During this last year when the problems at Riverton Elementary were finally exposed, the Deseret News, along with every other media outlet in the valley, had the opportunity to really serve the community by digging into the situation, finding the facts and letting the community know what was going on.However, the media were content to attend Jordan District press conferences and regurgitate the half-truths spouted by officials who were not interested in the health and well-being of the children and teachers at Riverton Elementary. I've got a scoop for you, Deseret News, if you're going to get the facts for your stories from press releases and self-serving so-called spokesmen, you'd better change your name to the Deseret Advertiser.

Rick Wilcox