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Rebuttal to Proposition 6

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The Utah Voter Information Pamphlet, prepared under the direction of Olene S. Walker, our lieutenant governor, presented a good analysis of Proposition 6, "Resolution on review of Tax Commission cases." She presented arguments for and against on most all of the propositions, but there was no rebuttal to this proposition, so I thought that I would offer my rebuttal.

The pamphlet informs us under a fiscal note that the State Tax Commission has identified 31 tax cases currently pending before Utah state courts that will be impacted if Proposition 6 passes. It states that "in two cases there is a combined total of approximately $1.2 billion of property taxes in dispute."An axiom that I have always followed in my life is: "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." During my career as a professional engineer, I was involved in many occasions with evaluating properties for taxation purposes, these were mostly industrial properties, and I worked with accountants to prepare the evaluation reports. At no time over 33 years did I ever find that the present system was not fair.

Can you imagine what the consequences will be if the district courts overturn the current 31 cases pending, when just two of the cases amount to approximately $1.2 billion. Resident property taxes will be hit. Somebody will have to pay, and that will be you and me.

To avoid this, vote no on Proposition 6.

John M. Limburg