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Critic strikes a sour note

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I am appalled and angered at the review of the recent Utah Symphony's concerts given by your music critic, Rick Mortensen.

Most of the review was given in praise of Eugenia Zuckerman's performance of the Mozart flute concerto, which indeed was very fine.The showpiece of the concert was the Second Symphony of Rachmaninoff. How dare he have the pseudo-intellectual ego to call this great work "a turgid and uninspired piece that should die out" from symphonic repertoire?

His arrogance was an insult to music, to the audience, "around 5,000 who loved it," and to the orchestra. He should apologize - this many people are not stupid and ignorant.

I love great music, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Brucine, Stravinsky, etc., etc., and I also love the Rachmaninoff.

Come off your "exalted" pedestal, Mr. Mortensen, and have a heart and soul.

Katherine Peterson

Utah Symphony violinist

Salt Lake City