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Watch high school hoops

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For all those who are suffering Jazz Withdrawal Syndrome (JWS), or who are growing weary of the NBA's "Greed War," I have a suggestion:

For less than the price of a cheeseburger at the Delta Center you can enjoy a good game. Go to your local high school and see basketball played from the heart. You'll be amazed how quickly you bond to your local players. You'll come to love your new team just as much, without the hefty price tag of Jazz tickets. You might find it refreshing to be in a gymnasium where every seat is a good one, no binoculars needed. The young men or women you support will appreciate having a loyal cheering section. The ticket you buy will go directly to support the team. Having followed a young friend's high school basketball career I can tell you, it's a great time. And while you're there, buy a few tickets for the school play, too. Some of the best entertainment around is just down the street in your own community. Support it and have a great season.P.J. Brown

West Jordan