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Ririe-Woodbury’s `Center Stage’ offers something for all

SHARE Ririe-Woodbury’s `Center Stage’ offers something for all

A gamut-running production caught the attention of those who attended the Ririe-Woodbury season opener, "Center Stage," at the Capitol Theatre.

And keeping true to its mission - "Dance is for everyone" - the company created a program comprised of various forms of dance. All were easy to watch.Laura Dean's majestic, spinning revival of "Tenmile" opened the show.

Then there was Alwin Nikolais' ground-breaking and mysterious 1953 creation, "Noumenon," which could have easily been created in 1998 - ahead of his time, indeed.

Joan Woodbury's "A Touch of Madness" was a study of aging and mental changes.

Two other works served as the performance's highlights - Joe Goode's "Spite" and former RW member's solo, "Traveling II (Four Postcards)."

Campy hip-shakes, speeches, screams and song gave "Spite" a non-linear feel, however, it was easy to follow and fun to watch.

"Traveling" was a touching work about allowing the true self to emerge from the burdens of life. This was probably the most emotional work of the program - especially the third movement.

The acrobatic and soaring "Ge'Bungee" closed the concert. And there were some audience members who watched the dancers pulling, holding on to and swinging with the Bungee Man (Aaron Draper) as they left the Capitol Theatre silently wishing they could fly.