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Zions Bancorporation, by the numbers

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Headquarters: One S. Main, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Officers: Harris H. Simmons, president and chief executive officer; Roy W. Simmons, chairman of the boardSubsidiaries: Zions First National Bank California Bank and Trust, The Commerce Bank of Washington, Digital Signature Trust Co., National Bank of Arizona, Nevada State Bank, Vectra Bank Colorado, Zions Credit Corp., Zions Insurance Agency, Zions Investment Securities Inc., Zions Life Insurance Agency Inc., Zions Management Services Co. Zions Mortgage Co.

Financials: Total assets as of Oct. 30, 1998, were $15 billion. Investor information about Zions can be accessed on the Internet at www.zionsbank.com.

Statistics: Zions Bancorp. operates 329 full-service banking offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Washington, including some 60 supermarket branches inside Smith's Food and Drug Centers and other grocery stores. Zions has approximately 8,000 employees.

Ownership: Zions Bancorp. is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "ZION."The company has more than 9,000 shareholders.

Zions Bancorp.'s acquisitions over the past 18 months

-- Aspen Bancshares (Colorado) May 16, 1997

-- Kelling, Northcross and Nobriga public finance firm (Oakland, Calif.) July 7, 1997

-- Tri-State Bank (Idaho) July 11, 1997

-- Twenty-seven former Wells Fargo Bank branches in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada, July 18, 1997. Four more branches added in Utah Sept. 20, 1997.

-- Sun State Capital Corp. (Nevada) Oct. 17, 1997

-- GB Bancorp. (California) Nov. 14, 1997

-- Vectra Banking Corp. (Colorado) Jan. 6, 1998

-- Sky Valley Bank Corp. (Colorado) Jan. 23, 1998

-- Tri-State Finance Corp. (Colorado) March 9, 1998

-- FP Bancorp Inc. (California) May 26, 1998

-- Routt County National Bank Corp. (Colorado) June 1, 1998

-- SBT Bankshares Inc. (Colorado) June 1, 1998

-- Eagle Holding Co. (Colorado) Aug. 31, 1998

-- Kersey Bancorp Inc. (Colorado) Aug. 31, 1998

-- Commerce Bancorp. (Washington) Sept. 8, 1998

-- Sumitomo Bank of California Oct. 1, 1998

-- Mountain Financial Holding Co. (Colorado) Oct. 30, 1998

-- Citizens Banco Inc. (Colorado) acquisition pending, announced Aug. 14, 1998


Zions Bancorp.'s bank branch locations as of Nov. 17. 1998:

-- Zions First National Bank (Utah) 118 branches, (Idaho) 17 branches

-- California Bank and Trust, 70 branches

-- Commerce Bank of Washington, 1 branch

-- National Bank of Arizona, 32 branches

-- Nevada State Bank, 42 branches

-- Vectra Bank Colorado (includes one branch in Farmington, N.M.) 49 branches

TOTAL: 329