ROME (AP) -- Denmark has more food per person than any other country, while Somalia has the least, according to a new world "food map" released Wednesday by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

The map illustrates the nutritional intake in 177 countries from 1994 to 1996. After Denmark, the countries with the most food are Portugal followed by Ireland, the United States and Greece, while Eritrea, Afghanistan, Burundi and Mozambique are among the hungriest.The FAO said more than 800 million people in developing countries are chronically undernourished and another 2 billion people suffer from deficiencies of vitamin A, iron and iodine. The diets in poor countries also lack protein and fat.

People in prosperous countries consume an average of 3,340 calories a day, compared with just 2,060 in developing countries, the FAO said. Anything under 2,100 puts someone at risk of malnourishment.

In Somalia, people consume an average of only 1,580 calories a day.

The director of the Rome-based agency's food and nutrition division, John Lupien, said Ghana made the biggest strides in recent years, increasing the food available per person by 22 percent.