I'm writing to offer some thoughts on the anti-fur protest that took place downtown, as well as across the country Nov. 27.

The article in the newspaper states that numerous protests were staged at various department stores and malls throughout the country. I think this was a bad idea. If I were president of the Animal Defense League, I would find a much better spot to focus my efforts and get my message out.A good place would be the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota or one of the many rallies across the country. Those heartless motorcycle riders all wear leather coats and pants. I'd also protest at various construction sites. I deplore the use of leather on their work boots. An auto assembly plant would be an ideal place to protest, also. Can you imagine how many animals are killed to cover those automobile seats in leather? It's appalling.

I'm obviously being sarcastic. Whoever the president of the ADL is, he/she has his/her head screwed on right. It is much safer to protest at the malls and department stores. Who buys fur these days? Rich, elderly women, as the picture in the newspaper depicts. It is much safer to spit on an old women than a Hells Angel, a member of the UAW or a guy that carries a hammer to work everyday.

If the ADL wants to be more effective, they should be more liberal and manly (that's a real oxymoron) in their selection of protest sites.

Ben Johnson